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17 May 2021
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10 Aug 2022

SkCore 5.0 build 2074

I'd like to give a big thanks to our current testers, without their help 5.0 wouldn't be possible. Notably branny00YellowSebaBobblyRqzor and Gaseosa

In this beta, the first attempt to regulate the economy has started. Alpha testers can now fully test the economy and give feedback on what to change.


ETA: Currently, there is NO ETA for 5.0. We're trying to make this version as perfect as possible so it will take time.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where the player (sometimes) wasn't given the necessary permissions when joining
  • Fixed /ci clearing the information star
  • Bug fixes with items having their data/damage value modified when mining
  • Fixed /suffix - Bug report by Bobbly
  • Fixed prefix/tag format for 1.12+ users - Bug report by Bobbly
  • A lot of bug fixes regarding new pickaxes
  • Other quick bug fixes

  • Renamed the Mythical Pickaxe to Seasonal
  • Removed the Pickaxe Crate Key
  • Modified keyconverter and keyvoucher rewards due to the removal
  • Modified the amount of EXP/Block for every pickaxe
  • Renamed the Common/Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Legendary/Mythical pickaxes 
  • Changed kit contents
  • Changed how pickaxe upgrades worked 
  • Raised caps for all explosion enchants to 10

New features:
  • Started working on achievements
  • Started working on the rankup crate key
  • Added Pickaxe upgrade crystals; they will allow you to upgrade the EXP/Block on your pickaxe
  • Created a custom texture pack for 1.9-1.17.1 users 😏
  • Added double jump with particle effects on the lobby
  • New build for the lobby
  • Pickaxes now change textures when upgraded
  • Added /pack for the custom resource pack
  • Brand new custom plugin for explosions with tons of optimization: Circle, Excavation, Drill, Tile and Jackhammer

Keep in mind Prison 5.0 is still a closed beta. Access is only given to alpha testers with specific permissions. You can apply for alpha testers under the Applications tab!

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