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17 May 2021
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10 Aug 2022

SkCore 5.0 build 2172

I'd like to give a big thanks to our current testers, without their help 5.0 wouldn't be possible. Notably branny00YellowSebaBobblyRqzor, Haruyuki__Arita and Gaseosa

In this beta, most updates are bug fixes and minor improvements to the server itself.


ETA: Before 10/1/2021.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed particles not working with explosions
  • Fixed block rewards not being given when exploding blocks - Bug report by Bobbly
  • Fixed autopickup not being toggled on when joining; resulting in many blocks not being sold
  • Minor bug fixes with prefixes
  • Fixed a visual bug when adding haste to a pickaxe. Bug report by branny00
  • Fixed a bug related to the KeyConverter - Bug report by Bobbly

  • Changed mine plugins, new, more efficient one
  • Hooked up resetmine to the new mine plugin
  • Changed reset type to gradual- 2500 blocks per tick
  • Changed JackHammer chances
  • Nerfed BetterTNT
  • Changed lucky blocks (TNT & Netherrack) rewards
  • Optimized Enchants. Pick EXP, Block EXP, Pets and Lucky Blocks with Explosions
  • Modified how the pack was sent to players, thanks to a version checker, the pack is sent to 1.9-1.17.1 users when completing antibot.

New features:
  • Added rewards for the rankup crate

Keep in mind Prison 5.0 is still a closed beta. Access is only given to alpha testers with specific permissions. You can apply for alpha testers under the Applications tab!

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