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17 May 2021
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21 Sep 2022

SkCore 6.0 build 32

Prison 6.0's release is coming soon. It's closer than ever and we will soon have a date for its release aswell as a date for 5.0's explosion party (we expect you to be there!). 

We've also updated the forums to have a 6.0 page aswell as a suggestions 6.0 page. Credits will also be shown in /skcore if your suggestion is significant, detailed and, of course, added.

I would like to thank MrBobblyBooks, YellowIsBae and branny00 for being there for the most part. Special shoutouts to Gatopansi for helping me with any issues I had with java development. And thanks to RqzorPH aswell for some suggestions.

New Features: 
  • Added /resetmine
  • Added enchant books 
  • Added a functional and adjustable Enchantment menu
  • Added the Fly Enchant
  • Added Shift+Right Click Pickaxe shortcut for /ench
  • Added QOL functions and commands
  • Added SkExplosion dependency
  • Added a fully functional autorankup with cooldowns depending on the donator rank
  • Added /ban
  • Added /fly

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed kits cooldown not refreshing when leaving the server - infinite kits bug
  • Fixed the scoreboard breaking at Lord V 👀

  • Adjusted MineCrate rewards and chances
  • Fly enchant doesn't remove flight (if player stops holding the pickaxe) if the player has the permission for fly
  • Optimizations made to the plugin
  • Removed unused code

Not SkCore related:
  • Changed Drill, Tile and JackHammer chances (Drill+Tile 100% - JackHammer 0.25-3% (lvl 1 to 10))

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