Key Backpacks



Make keybackpacks purchasable with ingame currency cause its aids to sit and have to open 30k kvs manually. Its not quality of life, its a necessity, and if u claim that might as well get rid of autosell as well and make it cost 15$ on /buy. Make it so it costs an ammount of edust or u get it as a reward for 10k prestiges. Its better having 10 players who are happy with the game and might go and get a rank from the store to support u, rather than to have 5 ppl out of who only 1 has gotten the item and the rest are in a huge disadvantage which makes them quit the server all together!! Pls dont delete and read carefuly !


Highest Highest: 4 months ago

This will not be happening, especially the buycraft keybackpacks. However, what I can do is make a keybackpack obtainable after a certain amount of blocks broken -- one that isn't as good as the buycraft variants, but one that could be better than having nothing.

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